Avoid Call Scams

You know those robocalls from scammers that you keep getting on your phones?

Government employees get them too.

Scammers use a technique known as spoofing to mask their caller ID on your phone and disguise their identities to steal valuable personal information, including your bank account passwords and Social Security number.

In one recent case, the toll-free number of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Consumer Center was used to disguise the actual incoming call number.

Patrick Webre, Chief, Consumer and Government affairs Bureau, FCC recommends that to avoid becoming a victim of call scam we should:

  • Not answer calls from numbers we don’t recognize.

  • If the caller is not who we are expecting, hang up immediately.

  • Never give out personal information such as account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers, mother’s maiden names, or other identifying information if a call seems suspicious.

If you call our office requesting information about your taxes we will ask you key questions to properly identify you before we can give you information.