This is the Season of Giving

the new tax rules are still allowing people to deduct their donations to charities as itemized deductions.

If you are planning to donate to charitable organizations and claim the donations in your income tax return make sure that your donation is in compliance with the tax laws.

Get a Receipt

If you make cash contributions, you must have a receipt like cancelled checks or bank statements.

If you make non-cash contributions of more than $250 you must have a receipt from the qualified organization. This receipt should include the Organization’s name, address and their

Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Check them out

Be aware that many organizations are not recognized by the IRS as being qualified. Before you make any donation request their Employer Identification Number (EIN).

You can now go to the IRS website and search if that organization is approved by the IRS.

The least you want is for your donation to be disallowed because the charitable organization is not in compliance.